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Technical Committee on Optimal Control

The IFAC Workshop on

organized by
Russian Foundation for Basic Research
Russian Academy of Sciences
Program Systems Institute
University of Pereslavl
on behalf of
National Committee of Automatic Control of Russia

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September 22 - 26, 2004
Pereslavl-Zalessky, Russia


Program Committee
National Organizing Committee
Program and Organizing Committees' Address
General topics
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IFAC, Technical Committee on Optimal Control with the support of:
  • National Committee of Automatic Control of Russia
  • Russian Foundation for Basic Research
  • Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS):
  • Program Systems Institute
  • University of Pereslavl


  • IFAC Technical Committee on Non-Linear Control Systems
  • IFAC Technical Committee on Control Design

International Program Committee:

  • V.A. Ilin (Russia)(Chair)
  • F.L. Pereira (Portugal)(Chair)
  • S.M. Abramov (Russia)
  • F.L. Chernousko (Russia)
  • Ch. Deissenberg (France)
  • A.I. Egorov (Russia)
  • G. Feichtinger (Austria)
  • V.I. Gurman (Russia)
  • F.M. Kirillova (Belarus)
  • A.F. Kleimenov (Russia)(IFAC Representative)
  • P.I. Kogut (Ukraine)
  • S.K. Korovin (Russia)
  • V.F. Krotov (Russia)
  • A.B. Kurzhanski (Russia)
  • B. Mordukhovich (USA)
  • R.R. Rafatov (Kyrgyzstan)
  • F. Rampazzo (Italy)
  • S.N. Vassilyev (Russia)
  • R. Vinter (UK)

National Organizing Committee:

Chair: V.I. Gurman
  • S.A. Amelkin
  • D.V. Belyshev
  • I.A. Belysheva
  • V.S. Daugelo
  • Yu.L. Sachkov
  • O.P. Shafranskaya
  • L.N. Znamenskaya

Address of the Organizing Committee:

GSCP - 2004, Program Systems Institute, 152020 Pereslavl-Zalessky, RUSSIA

tel: +7-08535-98053, +7-08535-98055

fax: +7-08535-98055

E-mail: gscp@cprc.botik.ru

Website: http://www.botik.ru/PSI/CPRC/GSCP2004


The objective of this workshop is to provide an international forum for the discussion of recent developments and advances in the field of mathematical investigation of generalized solutions (GS) in control problems: discontinuous, impulse, sliding modes, minimizing sequences, etc. including those ones for distributed systems. In-depth discussions of the relevant theories and applications by competent experts of this field are expected.

Preliminary Program

September 21

Arrival and registration of participants of the Workshop GSCP-2004 and satellite events

September 22

Conference hall, Program Systems Institute
Tutorials (Survey lectures)
V.I. Gurman
"Multiple maxima method in optimal control problems"
A. Arutyunov, V. Dykhta, D. Karamzin, F. Pereira
"Necessary optimality conditions for impulsive control problems"
10.40--11.30 Opening of art exhibitions Coffee-break
I. Ioslovich, M. Borshschevsky, and P.-O. Gutman
"Optimal attitude maneuvering of space vehicle in a swinging mode with a single jet torque, fixed in an arbitrary position"
Yu.L. Sachkov
"Geometric methods in control theory"
15.00--18.00 Excursions in Pereslavl-Zalessky

September 23

Conference hall, Program Systems Institute
9.00--9.30 Registration
9.30--10.00 Opening of the Workshop

Plenary talks
V.A. Ilin, E.I. Moiseev
"Optimal boundary string oscillations controls as functions minimizing the boundary energy integral"
10.50--11.05 Coffee-break
S.K. Korovin
"Synthesis of observers for uncertain systems"
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Conference hall, Program Systems Institute
B.M. Miller
"Generalized solutions in optimal control problems with phase constraints"
R.Gabasov, F.M.Kirillova
"Optimal on-line control and observation"
16.40--16.55 Coffee-break
P.I. Kogut, T.A. Mel'nik
"Asymptotic analysis of optimal control problems in thick multi-structures"

September 24

Conference hall, Program Systems Institute
Plenary talks
A.N. Kotel'nikova, N.N. Krasovski
"On a problem of stochastic stabilization"
A.N. Daryin, A.B. Kurzhanski, A.V. Seleznev
"A dynamic programming approach to the linear impulse control synthesis problem"
10.40--10.55 Coffee-break
V.F. Krotov
"On a classical variational problem of flight dynamics"
A. Kleimenov
"Construction of dynamics in repeated three-person game with two strategies for players"
A.N. Sesekin
"Duality constructions in optimal control problem for linear system with impulse control"

University of Pereslavl

H. Knudsen, J. Holbek
"Diversity - creativity - leadership: A journey from ancient Greece to modern society"

Academic Counsil hall, Program Systems Institute
Section: Distributed parameter systems
L.N. Znamenskaya
Control of oscillations in linear hyperbolic system" (survey lecture)
M.M. Khrustalev, M.Y. Plotnikov
"Global conditions of optimality for the problems of diffusion processes control with incomplete information about state vector"
16.20--16.35 Coffee-break
M.M. Khrustalev, D.S. Rumjancev
"Optimal control for diffusion quasi linear processes with incomplete information about the state"
D.S. Zavalishchin
"Modeling for an optimal flow of mechanical systems of sequentially joined bodies in a fluid"
A. Zuyev, O. Sawodny
"Control design for Galerkin approximations of a flexible structure"
H. Borzabadi
Title to be announced

Conference hall, Program Systems Institute
Section: Lumped parameter systems
I.A. Digailova, A.B. Kurzhanski
"Reachability analysis for controlled systems subjected to stochastic disturbances"
A.V. Kraev
"Robust inversion of discrete systems"
V.V. Fomichev
"Asymptotic observers for bilinear systems"
16.30--16.45 Coffee-break
A.V. Ilin
"Asymptotic observers for discrete systems with uncertainty"
S.S. Kumkov, A.N. Zharinov
"Constructing attainability sets for nonlinear controlled systems in the plane"
V.N. Pilishkin
"Lagrange analysis procedure of existing robust control with variation of phase constraints"
M. Guerra
"Hamiltonian flows for impulsive control systems"
Ni Ming Kang
"Equivalence of two sets of transfer points corresponding to solutions with interior transfer layers"

Artistic centre
Seminar on Approximate Methods and Algorithms in Optimal Control
A.S. Buldaev
"On one approach to solving the problem of optimal control on the basis of the method of perturbations"
A.Yu. Gornov
"Test collection of nonlinear nonconvex optimal control problems"
16.00--16.15 Coffee-break
S.V. Markov, P.V. Makevich
"New combined method for linear programming problem solving"

September 25

Conference hall, Program Systems Institute
Plenary talks
Ch. Deissenberg, S. Pickl
"An algorithmic solution to the Kyoto game"
W.S. Brusov, S.A. Piyavsky, V.G. Tsvetkov
"Interaction of parliament and professional elite --- the technological aspect"
10.40--10.55 Coffee-break
W.S. Brusov, S.A. Piyavsky, Yu.V. Tiumentsev
"Neural network based tools for uncertainty management with applications to control system design"
V.A.Baturin, D.E.Urbanovich, S.V. Cheremnykh
"Second-order methods for solving optimal control problems"
T.B. Kopeikina
"Observability problem for time-varying functional- differential equations dependent on a parameter"

Academic Counsil hall, Program Systems Institute
Section: Distributed parameter systems
A.I. Egorov
"Riccati equations in control theory" (survey lecture)
R.R. Rafatov, N.T. Asanalieva
"Method of additional argument in problems of optimal control"
16.20--16.35 Coffee-break
A.R. Mamatov
"On one maxmin control problem"
A.K. Kerimbekov
"Non-linear optimal control of system with distributed parameters"
J.Sh. Sharshenaliev, T.P. Samochvalova, IU.M. Leschenko
"Optimal control by temperature of stacks polysilicon"

Conference hall, Program Systems Institute
Section: Lumped parameter systems
A.S. Bratus, P. Ivanova, D.V. Iourtchenko
"Local Solution to the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equation on Stochastic LQ Systems with Bounded Control"
D.V. Khlopin
"The method of extremal shift for approximation of sliding regimes"
S.I. Morina
"On the asymptotics of the trajectory bundle of a control problem with phase constraints"
16.30--16.45 Coffee-break
S. A. A. Moosavian, M. R. Homaeinejad
"Regulated sliding mode control of satellite rotation"
A.G. Chentsov, A.V. Skvortsova
"About an asymptotic analog of the one-impulse regime of control in a linear system with discontinuous dynamics"
Yu.L. Sachkov, E.F. Sachkova
"Motion planning for linear in control systems"
G.A. Kurina, N.V. Nekrasova
"Asymptotic solution of discrete periodic singularly perturbed linear-quadratic problem"
S. Otakulov
"On the minimization problem of reachable set estimation of control system"

Artistic centre
Seminar on Approximate Methods and Algorithms in Optimal Control
A.M. Tsirlin, V. Kazakov
"Optimal processes in irreversible thermodynamics and microeconomics"
L.M. Nikiforova, M.Yu. Ukhin
"Approximate schemes of optimal control synthesis"
L.M. Nikiforova
"System of dynamics models for solving the problems of helicopter mode optimization"
16.30--16.45 Coffee-break
E.V. Goncharova, A.I. Ovseevich
"Asymptotic behavior of attainable sets of a linear impulse control system"
S.A. Amelkin
"Extreme performance of macrocontrolled structured economic system"
"Reachable sets estimates of discrete control systems"
S.V. Usov
"Generalized determination of external influence vector parameters to control reliability of aerospace system parts"
D.V. Belyshev, V.I. Gurman, M.Yu. Ukhin
"Multimethod procedures in control improvement and optimal synthesis"

September 26

Excursion. Banquet

September 27

10.00 Closure of the Workshop and departure of participants

General topics:

The topics of the regular sessions will include

  • Unbounded control systems.
  • Degenerate and abnormal optimal control problems.
  • Sufficient optimality conditions for GS.
  • Reachable set based optimization algorithms.
  • Estimation of reachable and controllability sets.
  • Controllability of distributed systems in terms of GS
  • Numerical methods and multimethod approaches.
  • Geometrical methods for the investigation of GS.
  • GS in applied problems.
  • Coordinated control of networked systems.


The official language of the Workshop is English.
No simultaneous translation will be provided.

Copyright conditions

The material submitted for presentation at an IFAC meeting (congress, symposium, conference, workshop) must be original, not published or being considered elsewhere. All papers accepted for presentation will appear in the volume of Proceedings of the meeting that will be distributed to the participants. The presented papers will be further screened for possible publication in the IFAC Journals (Automatica, Control Engineering Practice, Annual Reviews in Control, Journal of Process Control and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence), or in IFAC affiliated journals. All papers presented will be recorded on the IFAC Publications website (

Copyright of material presented at an IFAC meeting is held by IFAC. Authors will be sent a copyright transfer form. The IFAC Journals and, after these, IFAC affiliated journals have priority access to all contributions presented. However, if the author is not contacted by an editor of these journals, within three months after the meeting, he/she is free to re-submit the material for publication elsewhere. In this case, the paper must carry a reference to the IFAC meeting where it was originally presented.

Conference Venue

The Workshop will be held in Pereslavl-Zalessky, an ancient Russian town located on the Golden Ring of Russia within 130 km from Moscow, on the shore of the famous Plestcheevo lake.

Registration fee

Registration fee is $US 200. It covers cultural program, official reception, coffee-breaks, abstracts preprint and should be paid at the registration desk.

Reduced registration fee for students is $US 100.

Satellite events

Tutorials (22 - 24.09)
Seminar (27 - 29.09): Approximate methods and algorithms in optimal control