Hardware Expertise

ISO 8859-5 CP 1251 KOI-8 MACOS

We have performed evaluation of the used MIPS computer class. The machines of the class (2 RS-3000 based servers and 29 RS-2000 based workstations) were switched to 220V operation mode, every machine was tested and faulty machines identified.

We have compiled and run the dhrystone-2.1 benchmark on them to get the idea of their performance; the benckmark yielded 35460 and 24752 for servers and workstations respectively. As this is rather poor performance nowadays, and HDD on the workstations is rather small (200MB), we concluded that the workstations cannot be used as standalone workstations.

However, they have all necessary to perform in the role of X-terminals -- large monitor, keyboard, mouse, software and enough processor power for the task. We have configured one of workstations in this mode and, after some days of trial exploitation, have cloned the configuration to the rest of workstations, and in this state they were shipped to other participants of the EmNet/NIS project.

S. M. Abramov