Mathematics Seminar, Autumn 1996

This is a joint seminar of the Laboratory of Problems of Small Dimension and the Chair of Mathematics, University of Pereslavl.

Organizers: Sergei Chmutov, Sergei Duzhin and Youry Romanovsky.

Listed below are the titles of the talks held in September--December, 1996 (lecture hall of the University of Pereslavl (ul. Svobody), Fridays from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

September 6
Maxwell's theorem and symmetric powers of manifolds (after V.Arnold). Speaker: Sergei Duzhin.
September 13
Dynamical systems and the problem of set selection. Speaker: Yegor Brovko.
September 20
On the topology of solenoidal vector fields. Speaker: Vyacheslav Titov.
September 27
The four vertex theorem. Speaker: Sergei Chmutov.
October 4
A geometric way to solve quartic equations. Speaker: Sergei Meshveliani.
October 11
On 2-transitive sets of permutations. Speaker: Youry Romanovsky.
October 18
Group of icosahedron and fullerene molecule. Speaker: Sergei Chmutov.
October 25
Control systems on simple Lie groups. Speaker: Yuri Sachkov.
November 1
Cyclic serpent polyhedron (after V.I.Arnold). Speaker: Sergei Duzhin.
November 8 (extended session)
(14--15.30 pm) Continuous fractions and nose pulling algorithm. Speaker: Sergei Chmutov.
(16--17.30 pm) Homological invariants of integrable systems. Speaker: Joseph Krasilschik (VZISI, Moscow).
November 15
Coefficient of rank correlation in mathematical statistics. Speaker: Youry Romanovsky.
November 22
On the second grading in the space of primitive Vassiliev invariants. Speaker: Sergei Duzhin.
November 29
Colouring rectangles-1. Speaker: Armen Gasparyan.
December 6
Colouring rectangles-2. Speaker: Armen Gasparyan.
December 13
Computations in the ring of symmetric polynomials. Speaker: Sergei Mechveliani.

Lists of previously held talks are available here: spring 1995, autumn 1995, spring 1996.

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