Mathematics Seminar Schedule, Autumn 1997

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The following talks were held during the autumn 1997 in the seminar room of RCMS, second floor, new building of PSI in Ves'kovo. Time 3:00 -- 5:00 p.m.

September 12
Mathematical problems for the next century (after S.Smale). Speaker: Sergei Duzhin.
September 19
Mapping class group for surfaces. Speaker: Sergei Chmutov.
October 3
Heegaard diagrams and Dehn surgery. Speaker: Sergei Chmutov.
October 10
Kirby transformations and invariants of 3-manifolds. Speaker: Sergei Chmutov.
October 17
Temperley-Lieb algebra and meanders. Speaker: Sergei Duzhin.
October 24
Topology of symmetric powers. Speaker: J. Mostovoy (Edinburgh).
October 31
On the nature of chaotic regions in hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics). Speaker: V. Titov.
November 14
Resolution of singularities: a survey. Speaker: M. Spivakovsky (Toronto).
November 21
Wave fronts on the plane and on spheres. Speaker: S.Anisov (Moscow).
November 28
On the enumeration of meanders. Speaker: A.Gasparyan.
Beginning at 14:00!
December 5
Popular classes of computational complexity. Speaker: K.Shvachko.
Beginning at 14:00!
December 11
Special session. Rolle theorem and generalizations. Speaker: A.G.Khovanskii.
Family insignia of Prince Khovanskii
Beginning at 10:00!

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