Writhing Mathematics in Russian
(Users support)

ISO 8859-5 CP 1251 KOI-8 MACOS

Every mathematician who even try to write or read mathematical paper on PC in Russian found a lot of problems. This page will contain the known hints for them. I shall appreciate any your questions, suggestions and remarks and try to add the new information, links and corrections as soon as possible.

TeX and LaTeX on PC

I have information on the most popular operation system for PC: MS-DOS, Windows'95/Windows NT, LINUX and Free BSD. The most exhaustive TeX Distributions for UN*X system such as NTeX for LINUX and TeTeX for almost all UN*X systems contains necessary packages for Russian LaTeX. The arising problems are individual for each distribution and not only Russian dvi files are incompatible but the proceeding of Russian LaTeX file from other system requires the preamble editing. There was no TeX Distribution with Russian support for DOS/Windows systems freely available via networking.

The Russian TeX Distribution for DOS/Windows'95 is available now!

Based on the most fast, flexible and powerful EmTeX executables, it contains an unique intelligence user interface which make it easy to proceed with any TeX (LaTeX, old AMSLaTeX, new AMSLaTeX, AMSTeX, Plain, LaTeX2e etc.) file. As soon as You will have this TeX installed, You will be able to read and print practically any file from electronic archive without even looking inside. The full Russian support is provided.

Russian on WWW

If You still can not read Russian WWW pages on Your screen, look here.

Re-encoding and transliteration

The most universal known tool for re-encoding and transliteration is the translit program. I have compiled the MS-DOS executable translit.exe.

Under the partial support of RFBR the new solution of multiple
Russian encodings problem has been found: the algorithm has been
elaborated to recognize automatically input text file encoding
and change this encoding to user defined. It is hundred times
more trouble-free than known in INTERNET analogues. The brief
description and program sourse on C are plased into public


E-mail in Russian

Each new mail software bourns the new problems with e-mail in Russian. If anybody can recommend good quality freely available mailing system I shall put references with thanks here.

S. V. Znamenskii