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Caching Proxy Server

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We run Squid v2.3.4. The service is at proxy.botik.ru port tcp 8080, ICP port udp 3130. Auxiliary port which features banner filtering: proxy.botik.ru port tcp 8081.

The server is open only for clients of the Botik network. Proxy Server can be used for HTTP, HTTP/SSL, FTP and Gopher protocols. WAIS support is disabled.

The cache size is 1Gb.

Cache Now! Squid Now!

See also proxy configuration FAQ on the internal server Tower.

Netscape 2.0/3.0 Automatic Proxy Configuration

Go to menu Options -> Network Preferences... -> Proxies. Check on Automatic Proxy Configuration and type http://www.botik.ru/proxy.config in the location field.

 Picture of Netscape 2.0 network preferences dialog

Netscape Manual Proxy Configuration

Netscape 1.xx
Go to menu Options -> Preferences -> Proxies.
Netscape 2.0/3.0
Go to menu Options -> Network Preferences... -> Proxies. Check on Manual Proxy Configuration and click View button.
Netscape 4.x
В меню Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Proxies.
You will see a dialog box like that:

[ Netscape 1.xx proxy preferences dialog ]

Use www.botik.ru as proxy server and 8080 as port number (see also "Security Proxy"). Fill "No Proxy for" with "botik.ru, pereslavl.ru" (see also a notice about local host names). Leave "SOCKS Host" blank.

If you Netscape supports automatic proxy configuration use it. It is more flexible way to define direct/proxy connection rules.

Local host names and "No Proxy for"

If you want to open local URLs like http://pier/, http://dll/, http://brain/, http://namesys/ etc. please add all local names you using to "No Proxy for" option. It will force direct connections instead of proxy connections to local hosts. Multiple hostnames are delimited by commas and the wildcard character (*) cannot be used.

"Security Proxy"

If you have problems with HTTP/SSL (URL like https://...) try to work through proxy -- fill "Security Proxy" field like the other ones. Don't use "Security Proxy" if you have no reason for it, because information transfered via HTTP/SSL is not cached and, hence, direct connections are faster.

HTTP/SSL and WWW security links:

Common way to configure UNIX browsers

Set the environment variables http_proxy, ftp_proxy, gopher_proxy, wais_proxy, no_proxy:

If you use csh:

% setenv http_proxy   http://proxy.botik.ru:8080/
% setenv ftp_proxy    http://proxy.botik.ru:8080/
% setenv gopher_proxy http://proxy.botik.ru:8080/
% setenv wais_proxy   http://proxy.botik.ru:8080/
% setenv no_proxy     botik.ru,pereslavl.ru

If you use sh:

% http_proxy="http://proxy.botik.ru:8080/"
% ftp_proxy="http://proxy.botik.ru:8080/"
% gopher_proxy="http://proxy.botik.ru:8080/"
% wais_proxy="http://proxy.botik.ru:8080/"
% no_proxy="botik.ru,pereslavl.ru"
% export http_proxy ftp_proxy gopher_proxy wais_proxy no_proxy

See also local host names and "No Proxy for".

Banner filtering

This proxy supports filtering out advertizing banners from the pages you access. The server will replace banners with a neutral local picture. If you can put up with receiving less advertizing than before ;-) this will save you from 1 to 12 KB of external traffic on every banner replaced.

To use banner filtering, configure you browser to use proxy.botik.ru:8081 instead of proxy.botik.ru:8080. Automatic configuration as described above is possible, but you should use http://www.botik.ru/nobanner.config instead of http://www.botik.ru/proxy.config.

More information about WWW-caching

Cache Now! Squid Now!

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