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This WWW server is supported by Program Systems Institute, RAS and Russian Institute of Regional Problems. It was started in 1994. Now it is maintained by the Telecommunication Laboratory BOTIK, a joint team of PSI and RIRP.

* Traffic discounts. [New!] 2005.05.01
* Please read the common Internet usage rules (ofisp-008) (in Russian)
* Short mail addresses (<name> now available for users of the Botik network. Details (in Russian)...
[ORDB logo] - Spam reporting for the masses * now filters spam using public open relay databases. Users of BOTIK network who want to receive mail unfiltered are welcome to contact the administrator.
* Message to users of BOTIK network regarding illegal network activity (in Russian).
* Http proxy with banner filtering is open at More info...
* Botik'2000 project has finished. See reports (in Russian).
* Pereslavl-Zalessky home page
* List of WWW servers of Pereslavl-Zalessky
* Inofficial web-page of Pereslavl-Zalessky provided by Interin, and two direct links to it: * Buses between Pereslavl and Moscow
* Weather forecast for Pereslavl
* Anonymous ftp server [ Mirrors | File Search ]
* Technical description of local network solutions (in Russian)
* Links to home network sites (in Russian)
* Private Messages board on the internal server Tower
* Caching Proxy Server and a guide to browser configuration (in Russian)
* Mail services (in Russian)
* How to place pages on (in Russian)
* FTP -> e-mail gateway
* Botik Lab. statistics
* Info on network failures for local users
* Maintenance Schedule (in Russian)
* Download Botik Tools software package

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