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Structure of the Center

The staff of the Center includes 22 researchers in the fields of computer science and mathematics, among them 6 people with Ph.D. Here is the list of people. The Center is subdivided into four sections: Several researchers of the Center form the Telecommunication Laboratory BOTIK.

Main Area of Research

The main topic of the research conducted in the Center is the software for multiprocessors. The aim of this research is to design and implement a multiprocessor operating system with the following features:
  1. Automatic dynamic parallelizing of programs. The source language of the system does not include explicit constructions for paralellizing control. The operating system supports a non-traditional evaluation model. The evaluation is represented as a process of auto-transformation of a network. At run-time the processes appear and disappear, the interconnections between them change. This model allows the operating system to detect the processes suitable for parallel processing and to run them on the other processors, if it results in an increased productivity of the whole system.

  2. Adaptability to a specific configuration of a multiprocessor, fault-tolerance. The software, both operating system and applications, are designed to work on a multiprocessor with any configuration. The multiprocessor may consist of an arbitrary number of processors with arbitrary connections between them. This characteristic results in the fault-tolerance of the system, which is most important in control systems for dangerous technologies (traffic, nuclear energy, etc.).
By now we have accomplished the preliminary research and we are implementing the operating system for multiprocessors based on the Intel 80x86 and Inmos T800/T9000 microprocessors.

The software under development is characterized with high portability and we are ready to transfer the system onto the multiprocessors based on chips different from Intel 80x86 and Inmos T800.

Other Areas of Research

Projects Implemented Previously

FLAC Programming Language

FLAC is a functional programming language for computer algebra. We have implemented a version of FLAC for IBM PC XT/AT. We have ported the software onto a workstation based on Motorola 86020 and then adapted it for Intel 80386 running in protected mode.

The software is used by the programmers of applications for computer algebra.

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