Laboratory ZMR

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The laboratory ZMR has been dissolved as of January 1, 2001, because S.Duzhin moved to St.Petersburg. The information below refers to the state of ZMR in 2000.

ZMR is the Russian abbreviation for "problems of small dimension", a title given in 1991 to the small group formed from the debris of the big laboratory of "problems of big dimension" founded in 1985 by A.M.Vinogradov (now Professor of mathematics in the University of Salerno, Italy).

The laboratory belongs to the Research Centre for Multiprocessor Systems, a division of the Program Systems Institute in Pereslavl-Zalessky.

Currently the laboratory consists of 3 people:

Sergei Duzhin
head of laboratory, Ph. D. in mathematics,
Differential geometry, algebraic topology, combinatorics, mathematical computations.

Andrei Kaishev
Senior Researcher, M.Sc.
Mathematics, system and applied programming.

S.D. Mechveliani
Senior Researcher, M.Sc.
Computer algebra, functional programming.

Former members of the laboratory:

Inna Scherbak
In 1994, she moved to Israel and now works in Tel-Aviv University.

Youry Romanovsky
Since 1997, he works in St.Petersburg State University.
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Valentina Shvachko
In 1997, she joined the AP laboratory to participate in a project related to computations in braid groups. Since 1998, she lives in the US and works with Fourth Dimension Software. E-mail addresses: and

Vyacheslav Titov,
In 1998, he moved to the University of Bochum, Germany.
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For papers and preprints you can look here. For programs and data files you are welcome to look here.
Home-page of the weekly mathematics seminar which existed in 1988-1998 and was run by S.Duzhin and S.Chmutov.
This page was created in December 1994. Last updated on 03-Dec-2000.