Sergei M. Abramov
Director of the Research Center for Multiprocessor Systems

Program Systems Institute
Russian Academy of Sciences
Pereslavl-Zalessky, 152140 Russia

tel: +7 (08535) 98031, +7 (08535) 98032 (office),
+7 (08535) 98251 (home)
fax: +7 (08535) 98278

Sergei Mikhailovich Abramov is:

He received his Doctor of Sciences degree in theoretical computer science April 1996 from the Program Systems Institute. The dissertation (Metacomputation and its applications, in Russian) is FTP-available.

He received his Master Degree in computer science June 1980 from the Faculty of Cybernetics and Computer Science of Moscow State University.

Last published works are related to parallelizing of programs and metacomputations and its applications.

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