T-System project. List of publications

T-system: programming environment providing automatic dynamic parallelizing on IP-network of Unix-computers

S.Abramov, A.Adamovitch, M.Kovalenko

Report on 4-th International Russian-Indian seminar and exibition, Sept. 15-25, 1997, Moscow.

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Autotransformation of evaluation network as a basis for automatic dynamic parallelizing

S.M.Abramov, A.I.Adamovitch, I.A.Nesterov, S.P.Pimenov, Yu.V.Shevchuk

In proc. of NATUG'1993 Spring Meeting "Transputer: Research and Application", May 1011 -- S.Atkins and A.S.Wegner (Eds)
IOS Press 93, pp: 333-344.

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T-lanquage. Preliminary description

S.M.Abramov, I.A.Nesterov, Yu.V.Shevchuk

RCMS Tech. Report #09/18/1994

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cT: an Imperative Language with Parallelizing Features Supporting the Computation Model "Autotransformation of the Evaluation Network"


In proc. of PaCT-95, St.Peterburg, Russia, September 12-25, 1995 -- Victor Malyshkin (Ed.)
Springer, 1995, LNCS vol. 964, pp. 127-141.

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