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Alexander Golubev

I was graduated from Tashkent State University, Department of Biology in 1986. Specialized in Neurophysiology.

From 1987 till now I've been working at Program Systems Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. As a researcher of Laboratory of School Informatics I participated in the creation of a primary school educational software system "Robotland". Then I worked on my own project - "Genesmith". I was a teacher in the Summer Children Computer Camp-School in 1987-1995. I worked as a supervisor of some projects carried out by the students of the Camp-School in the areas of biology, poetry, local history and telecommunications. Logo, ToolBook, C, Page Maker were used in these projects.

At present I'm a researcher in the Telecommunication Research Centre, developing the software for regional computer networks.


March 1998
Alexander Golubev <>