Serge D. Mechveliani

Senior researcher

Research Center for Multiprocessor Systems , Program Systems Institute , Russian Academy of science,


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phone: +7 08535 98033

Some personal information:
Born in 1954. M.Sc. in Mathematics awarded 1977, Moscow State University, the Department of Mathematics.

Ph.D (in informatics) awarded in 2002 (see works) by the Program Systems Institute

Since 1988 I am in the Program Systems Institute.

Area of application: computer algebra and logic, functional programming. Here are my Papers, works

Projects, research:

I. DoCon-A. A library for computer algebra based on the approach of constructive mathematics, generic and provable programming with dependent types. (The Agda language is applied). The program releases are available on doconA.

II. The Project of Algebraic Domain Constructor (DoCon) -- a library for computer algebra written in a purely functional and "lazy" language, and using the approach of generic programming.

The Haskell language and tool is used. DoCon is available with the source program and manual: docon.

One of the project aims is to test the efficiency of a real-world CA system based on pure functionality and "lazy" computation. Algebraic category hierarchy is expressed mostly by the Haskell type classes, domains - by class instances. But the domains are also described by explicit expressions.

The DoCon library was being developed intensively during 1995 -- 2000. Currently it is supported.

III.Study in combining Computer algebra, Term rewriting and Automatic reasoning.

The source program and manual are available at dumatel

This project is interrupted. We hope to use some its part to help composing proofs in DoCon-A.