Mathematics Seminar Schedule, Spring 1997

Schedule for spring 1997 (room no. 10, second building of the University of Pereslavl (ul. Svobody, 15), on Fridays, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.):
April 25
Combinatorial condition for the absence of limit cycles. Speaker: Youry Romanovsky.
April 18
Knot invariants IV: Kauffman and HOMFLY polynomials. Speaker: Sergei Chmutov.
April 11
Classification of 3rd order linear ordinary differential equations. Speaker: Valery Yumaguzhin.
April 4
Complex convexity. Speaker: Sergei Znamenskii.
March 27 (Thursday, 17:30)
Knot invariants III: Jones polynomial Speaker: Sergei Chmutov.
March 22 (Saturday)
Knot invariants II: Seifert surface and Alexander module. Speaker: Sergei Chmutov.
March 14
Knot invariants I: Introduction. Speaker: Sergei Chmutov.
March 7
Topology of lens spaces. Speaker: Fedor Duzhin (Moscow University, second year student).

Lists of previously held talks: spring 1995, autumn 1995, spring 1996, autumn 1996.

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