Mathematics Seminar Schedule, Spring 1998

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Schedule for spring 1998 (seminar room of RCMS, new building of PSI, Ves'kovo; Fridays, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.). Attention! Beginning from March 20, we move to UGP (second building, room no. 10, Fridays, 15:00--17:00).

February 6
Algorithms for the enumeration of topological types of curves in the plane. Speaker: Fedor Duzhin.
February 13
No seminar.
February 20
On one problem of Maxim Kontsevich. Speaker: S.V.Duzhin. Beginning at 14:00.
February 27
Ordering the braid group (after FGRRW). Speaker: S.V.Chmutov. Beginning at 14:00.
March 13
No seminar.
March 20
New algorithms in braid theory. Speaker: V.A.Shvachko.
(2nd building of UGP, ul. Svobody, beginning at 15:00.
March 27
April 3
Computations in the ring of quadratic integers. Speaker: S.Mechveliani.
Summary in Russian.
April 10
A construction of graph coverings based on group theory (after M.Miller, B.McKay and J.Siran). Speaker: A.Nemytykh.
April 17
No seminar.
April 24
Graph complex of Vassiliev-Turchin and its homology. Speaker: S.Chmutov.

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