Sergei Duzhin

Curriculum Vitae

Citizenship: Russia.

Born: June 17, 1956 in David-Gorodok, Brest region, USSR.

Official address: Steklov Institute of Mathematics at St. Petersburg, 27, Fontanka, St. Petersburg 191011, RUSSIA.
Phone +7 (812) 3128829, fax +7 (812) 3105377.

E-mail:, WWW home-page:

Education: Moscow University, department of mathematics (mech-math), graduated in 1978. Ph.D. studies at the same University: 1978--1981.

Highest degree earned: Ph.D. from the department of mathematics of Moscow University in 1983. The thesis, "On some versions of the C-spectral sequence", written under the guidance of Prof. A.M.Vinogradov, was dedicated to the study of algebro-topological invariants of differential equations and foliations.

Employment history, visiting positions

Current principal job (since January 2001): senior researcher, laboratory of representation theory and computational mathematics (Vershik's lab) at St.Petersburg Branch of Steklov Mathematical Institute.

Current auxiliary position (since 1997): professor of mathematics at Independent University of Moscow, teaching calculus, combinatorics and topology (details are available at

August 1985 -- December 2000: Program Systems Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Pereslavl-Zalessky. Since 1986 I was a Senior Researcher and since 1991, head of a laboratory.

September 1994 -- December 2000: University of Pereslavl, associate professor of mathematics (teaching materials are available at

October 1999 -- March 2000: visiting professor, the University of Aizu, Japan.

April 1999 -- September 1999: visiting professor, Graduate School of Mathematics, University of Tokyo, Japan.

August 1995 -- July 1996 and October 1993 -- August 1994 : visiting researcher, the University of Aizu, Japan.

September 1992 -- June 1993 (part-time): Moscow Higher Chemical College, lecturer in discrete mathematics.

February--April 1992 (visiting): instructor at the International School of Networking, ICTP, Trieste. At that time, I set up one of the first 26 Web servers of the world. Click here for details.

1982 -- 1985: Mogilev Pedagogical Institute, assistant professor (undergraduate lecturing in geometry and algebra).

Research interests in mathematics

Mathematical seminars

Selected conferences and invited talks

Membership in academic societies and communities


Ph.D. students: two people have done their Ph.D. theses in computer science under my guidance. One of them (A.I.Kaishev) has defended his thesis ("A program system for the algebraic and combinatorial investigation of low-dimensional topological objects") in December 2000. The second is S.D.Mechveliani who is successfully approaching the finish with his "Categorial approach to computer algebra and functional programming".

Computer skills: TeX, UNIX, C, Pascal, Maple, HTML.

Language proficiency: I have spoken at mathematical seminars in Russian, English, French, Italian and Japanese. I can also read German and ancient Greek.

Personal information: married, two sons (Fedor, b. 1978, Vassili, b. 1987). Fedor is a mathematician, a student of S.Gusein-Zade. He has graduated from Moscow University in June 2000 and is currently working on his PhD.

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